Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | November 2, 2012

NekoCon 15…Here I Come!!!

WOOT WOOT!! Oh yeah baby!! Today is the FIRST day of a three-day awesome con!! It also marks a year since I stepped foot into this unknown world.  I can remember my dd telling me about anime cons and I bugged her design teacher for more information and then did a ton of research.  I suggested that my hubby take her – I figured it would trigger her to draw…lol…little did I know, that my last-minute decision to go would suck me in and take hold as a permanent part of my life.

I don’t regret taking that step last year.  I had NO idea what to expect when I walked into the convention center that Saturday.  I saw so many people dressed up in awesome costumes – I can remember ‘stalking’ various people, running up to them pleading with them to stop and lemme take their pictures…lol…it was GREAT.  What’s even better is that both my dd and dh are sucked in just as much as I am!!  lol

So, while today is a late start (dd is in school cause of a test…lol), I’m soooo looking forward to walking into that convention center tonight and rejoining an awesome group of people…the same people who introduced me to an awesome world of fun, cosplay, and…yes, magic.

For more information on this fantabulous con, check their site: – the fun has already started but in my opinion, Saturday is the BEST day of all…see you all there =^.^=


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