Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | October 10, 2012

What is your Passion?

I was asked that tonight.  I really had to think about it.  I couldn’t think of an answer.  Then it came to me.  Writing.  Of course!! and photography.  Both of these things I have loved since I was a kid.  I used to drive my Mom nuts using all the film in the camera and all of the paper and ink for the typewriter.

I’ve been struggling lately trying to find myself again.  I think that tonight, after that question, I might have found myself.  Do what you love and do what you know right?  Well, I love and know both of these things so why not?  They make me happy and make me smile and I feel like I have a gift to share with others.

So, what is my passion(s)?  Writing and Photography!!

What is your passion?


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