Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | September 28, 2012


It’s soooooooooooo frustrating to not be able to sleep and have tons of awesome ideas come to you only you forget the ideas when you wake up!!!  I know I know…get up and write the ideas down…yeah, I know…doesn’t mean I did it though!!

For the past couple of nights – probably a week now – I’ve had some great ideas for writing come to me while I’m in bed trying to drift off.  I dunno why I don’t get up and write them down…probably cause I’m all comfortable and usually have a kitty on me purring…lol…

So, since I won’t get up and write the ideas down, I’m just gonna have to pout and stomp my feet at myself…sigh…can’t blame anyone else cause it’s my own fault…and no, saying that doesn’t make me feel any better…lol…  Ya know what’s really bad??  Is that my phone is within reaching distance so I could easily text myself a little note…hmmmm…ok, that really doesn’t help!!

I can only hope that my wonderful (albeit a little bad timing) muse decides to let me remember those ideas again…maybe if I bribe her with chocolate?  Or a chilled glass of white wine??  Can’t really offer a day off cause she’s already had so many!!!  ok ok…I know…that’s not being nice to the muse…grumble grumble grumble…

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