Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | September 24, 2012


Regret:  to mourn the loss or death of;  to miss very much; to be sorry for. 

I think we all can relate to those words.  Have you ever regretted not doing something?  Have you ever regretted doing something?  Do these regrets rule your lives?

The part that I don’t get is the mourning the loss or death of – maybe if that phrase was phrased differently, I might get it.  Do I hate that my sister died suddenly and with no notice?  Oh yes!!  Do I miss her terribly? Oh yes, every day…every second…but, do I regret that she died?  Well, I didn’t do anything to cause her death, so, why should I regret something I had no control over?

If we really look at those words and take them to heart, then yes, I am sorry that my sister died…I am sorry that my daughter had to experience such a horrid loss…I am sorry that my sister won’t be at any more milestones in my daughter’s life…I have a lot of ‘I am sorry’ comments…but…is that the same as regret??

See what I mean?  I could be guilty of taking those words to heart, but, I am very curious as to what you might think.

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