Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | September 13, 2012

Brand Names…

Ok, so raise your hand if you are a die-hard brand name shopper…anyone???  anyone???  I myself am not.  There are certain brands that I love – Aigner, Dooney and Burke, Baby Phat, Lenox…but, I am not a die-hard brand name person.  I mainly buy non brand name items.

I’m curious though as to the die-hard brand name fans.  Do they buy non brand name items too?  Or is their closet 100% brand names only?  Would they even dream of buying non brand name items?  I know the cost of brand names are sometimes double the non brand items – is it worth it?

I myself love my Dooney and Bourke purse, my Baby Phat jeans and my Aigner wallet – I own very few brand name items but, the ones I do own, oh yes, I very much enjoy them and yeah, to me, the cost was worth it.

So…what about you?


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