Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | August 29, 2012


Yep, Pre-Vacation…

Who else knows what I mean??  It’s the day (week) prior to going on vacation and you are completely and utterly slammed with making preparations for the animals, mail, laundry, packing, shopping, hair coloring, manicure/pedicure…ya know, the normal stuff.

It’s funny how a simple vacation can turn your life upside down just days prior to leaving.  Those who travel on a regular basis probably have it down pat…but for those of us who don’t, well, we tend to scramble and make lists and even while on vacation in between laughing and partying we are still worrying that we forgot something!!!

I have gotten rather smart(er)…lol…I now have a bath bag already packed and ready to go – just a quick glance thru to make sure nothing is missing and at least that part is done!!  The clothes packing, well, can’t really pre-pack those!!  BUT, I have at least managed to pull aside clothes that are being packed and washed and folded and generally are ready…usually…sometimes…HA!!

So, what do you do that helps your pre-vacation be stress-free???



  1. I also have a pre-packed toiletries bag. I also have a standard packing list that I modify for the destination. When making travel arrangements in advance, I also schedule any appointments, etc that need to occur before leaving. That way, I’m not handling everything at the last minute. And there’s also a standard “to do” list that includes things like charging the camera batteries, making sure there’s enough room on the memory card(s), providing a spare key to whomever will be watering plants, etc.


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