Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | August 23, 2012


WOW!! I have spent every day this week trying to network.  I seriously had no idea how much went into networking!!!  I’ve met some great writers and artists and photographers…some fantastic and beautiful work that oh yes, very much distracted me!!  lol

I have always been very much of a ‘I don’t wanna bother anyone’ person and I am still like that, but, I have realized that other people are doing the exact same thing I am and they are successful!!!  So, to them, I say ‘right on!!’ and to those who are still back in the not wanting to bother anyone zone, give it up!!  You need to network!!

In real estate all I heard was ‘location location location’ – well, in writing it’s ‘network network network’!!!!

Happy Networking!!!



  1. …but I don’t *wanna*… LOL. Seriously, I’m in the ‘don’t want to be a bother’ zone, too. Guess I need to expand my horizons…


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