Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | August 1, 2012

Last month of summer!!

Sadly, August marks the last month of summer.  In a month, my dd will be starting her senior year at high school and this time next year she will be figuring out what college classes to take.  This is the last month of sleeping in til noon, last month of staying up til 2am (and sleeping til noon!! lol), last month of staying in pj’s all day.  In a month, the days will resume with a strict schedule.

I always hated the end of summer when I was a kid.  I loved playing all day and having no set plans – shoot, I am still like that!!  lol

So, even though it’s the last month of summer vacation, we still have 34 days to enjoy.  34 days to sleep in, to wear pj’s all day, to stay up til 2am!!  34 days of total awesomeness!!  No strict schedules to stress over, no classes to study for, no alarms going off and rushing out the door – no no no.  We all know how fast the 34 days will go by, so, let’s not even think about it – let’s just enjoy and savor each second of freedom!!



  1. Don’t blink. Senior year passes so quickly that if you blink you’ll miss it. It’s a bittersweet time.

    I’m ready for fall. It feels like it today. It’s finally raining and only 58*. It won’t last, the sun will be out before sunset and the humidity will stay up, but for today, it’s nice to not be too hot.


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