Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 16, 2012

Senior Pic Day!!

So this morning was the start of Senior Picture Experience.  I had warned dd about a week or so ago about today and how she had to get up at 7am to get ready and be on time.  Well, we got there on time and this morning did go pretty smoothly – aside from her sleeping until 7:30ish!!!

I like when the clothing is already planned for and all ya gotta do is dress.  No wasting precious time fussing about what to wear and what looks good, etc.  Nope, the outfit was chosen ahead of time and hey, so were the shoes!!

I kept looking at dd after I had finished her make-up – kept it simple: foundation, eye liner, mascara and lip gloss.  She looks sooooooooooooo different with make-up on!! Like a whole different person!!  I think the make-up just enhances her natural cuteness (oh yes, I used CUTE!! and she hates that word!!  lol) and she definitely looks older – well, more mature – how’s that…lol

After her sitting was completed, the photographer came over and suggested I look at the pictures and make sure I like them – which, nope, I didn’t.  dd’s hair was all a mess in the back and it showed on all the pictures – her hair was brushed and neat prior to the sitting so what happened???  Anyways, they offered another sitting which I gladly accepted and dd just laughed at me.  She knew I was going to want another sitting.

The second sitting I went up with her and once she was sitting, brushed her hair and made sure it was neat and not a piece out-of-place.  I stepped behind the photographer and snapped my own pictures – of course, it was with my phone and the pictures were grainy and blah blah blah, but, I got her smiling!!!  Once the sitting was finished we checked out the proofs and oh wow were they GREAT!!  I chose my favorite picture out of the 6 poses she did and our Senior Picture experience came to a close.



  1. I like that you got to see the picture before you left. I have gotten pictures I hated. My husband (well fiance at the time) made a funny face when we got our engagement pictures taken because he didn’t realize that the first picture was “the” picture. I had to buy additional pictures just to have something I could use in our announcements.


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