Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 8, 2012


WOW!!! is it HOT outside!! They say it’s right around 100* but the heat index makes it feel like 105* – 115*!!! I’m not a big rain lover but right about now, I wish it would rain a little and hopefully bring the humidity down a bit.

As you probably know by now, I prefer SPRING!! Even Fall is ok…I don’t like HOT or COLD weather…especially when you walk outside and the air is still and just seems to suck your breath away leaving you panting like a puppy…lol…and your skin feels all sticky and sweaty…ick!!  lol…and your energy is sapped before you can take the first step…

Speaking of panting like puppies…I get so frustrated with people when I am walking at the park and they have their pets with them.  It’s great that their pets like to walk or run with them but they do need water and can you imagine how their paws feel on the hot asphalt?? Uh…I say let’s have the owners walk around on the hot asphalt without socks or shoes and let’s see how they like it!!

Wherever you are, stay cool and drink lots of water!!! And make sure your pets have lots of fresh water too!!


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