Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 7, 2012

First SciFi / Fantasy Convention!!

Today I went to my FIRST sci-fi / fantasy convention – FantaSci X was held at the Chesapeake Public Library today.  I saw several Klingons and a couple of Star Wars fans and there were some awesome handcrafted pieces of jewelry, buttons and dragons!!!  LOVE dragons!!  Tons of writers were present too!!

I really enjoyed myself – missed the panels, I couldn’t find them – but, I had a good time watching everyone and checking out the shinies…lol  Didn’t get any pics, but, there weren’t that many people dressed up – that I saw when I went anyways.  I think the Klingons were my favs…lol…they were doing a lot of yelling…lol

Check out their site –


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