Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 5, 2012

Writing Buddies…

I was reading a friend’s blog (hi Denise!!) and she mentioned an online writing buddy (hi Shanti!!) with whom she meets at a certain time and they bounce ideas off each other and critique various pieces.  The writing times are scheduled in advance and would last maybe an hour each day. I found that interesting and think it would definitely hold those who struggle accountable for their writing…lol

Do you have a daily writing buddy? Someone that you ‘write with’ every day – whether it’s an online writing buddy or in person?  If you do have such a person, does it work? Is it helpful?

I have a writing group that meets once a month and I’m wondering if this would help those who are struggling to get their stories told.


  1. As one of the friends in question (Hi, Tig!), I can safely say ‘Yes. It helps tremendously.’ We don’t meet every day, but whatever time I can schedule in helps keep the creative fires burning. Having Denise as both a cheerleader and a critique partner has helped me edit those pesky areas that I know aren’t quite right, but can’t pinpoint on my own. It also gives me a measure of accountability. Even if only one or two sentences get written, it’s more than I had before 🙂


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