Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | June 27, 2012

Blue Jay Encounter…

So today I was outside putting the trash cans out for pickup and I got dive-bombed by a very angry and very loud Blue Jay.  He was gorgeous!! I so love watching birds and I know that Blue Jays aren’t very nice birds, but, I’ve never been dive-bombed before!!

He got up close and personal four times (ouch!!) and watched me from a tree branch to make sure I didn’t get too close to the nest that I found in a small tree behind the gate.  Oh and his Ms was on a higher branch watching too!! Seriously, that nest was in no danger from me – I wasn’t even close to it!! I never woulda known it was there if he hadn’t dive-bombed me!!  I was just standing behind my car at one point looking up in the tree and he flew over me and started making this awful noise that caused me to step back and head towards the house!!

Needless to say, both my Mom and daughter were rolling when I told them what had happened and I’m sure my hubby will too when he gets home.  What I don’t get, two of my cats were outside near the gate and the bird didn’t dive-bomb them!!

Mean ole’ birdie…

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