Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | June 7, 2012

I thought today was Friday…

This has been a LONG week!!  I kept thinking today was Friday – it feels like it should be Friday – know what I mean?  My dd has one more week of school and then she’s out for the summer – YAY!! No more worrying about lunch money or her over sleeping and having to drive her to school – hate traffic!!  ick… Well, actually, she really only has to go to school on Monday and Thursday of next week for final exams.  So, that will be a nice treat for her – sleep in and be able to relax and study for the finals and then – FREEDOM!!  Hopefully that will be the end of school drama for at least two months!!!  Well, I can dream right??

I hate when I lose a day.  I feel like I should be able to get it back – only, I don’t wanna rewind and go back to Monday – I just want it to be Friday and then the weekend!!  I have a thing for weekends!!  yeah, I kinda luv ’em  …lol…

Not like I have any huge plans.  I don’t.  I just like being able to stay up late – even though I don’t – and I like being able to sleep in late – if you count 8 or 9am as late – and I LOVE not having to figure out what’s for dinner cause the weekends are ‘fend for yourselves!!!’  …lol…



  1. I need our weekends to be ‘fend for yourselves’! What an awesome idea!


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