Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | June 4, 2012


A friend of mine posted a picture over the weekend of her kids playing UNO.  That got me to thinking.  UNO was a cool game but I preferred Connect 4 (I ALWAYS won…lol), Checkers, LOVED Twister…lol, Scrabble (I still play this with my dd).  As a kid I loved Candy Land, Clue and the Simon says game – I believe I had another version of that game but, nonetheless, it was fun.  I learned a card game called ‘Spite and Malice’ but I have no idea how to play it now…lol…I did enjoy Go Fish unless of course, I had all the cards in my hand!!

My sister was very big into Monopoly, Life and Stratego.  I played but, they weren’t really my cup of tea.  Ohhhh and remember Trivial Pursuit!!  I hated playing that game with my Mom.  Yeah, I always lost…lol…

Soooo, what were/are your favorite games??



  1. My son loves Uno – he’s been kicking my butt at the game for over 10 years. We play a lot of Monopoly and Life when we play board games. We have Beatle Monopoly which is really fun.


  2. My favorite is Cribbage, followed closely by Rummikub. We play games mostly at our cabin on weekends when the weather isn’t great. Games are also a once-a-month thing during girls lunch in.


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