Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | May 24, 2012

Facebook vs Twitter

Facebook is a royal pain!! I have my author page all set up, nice and pretty and darn if I CAN’T link my blog here to it – no no, I have to link it to my personal wall – which, I am guessing, is because, my personal is an actual account and my author page is simply a page.

Oh, and the same problem arises when you go to advertise said author page.  It makes you change back to your account page and then lets you advertise your author page.  Kinda ridiculous but, whatever.

Twitter I’ve not had any trouble with.  I think more people are following me on Twitter than they are on Facebook – weird, huh?

So, I am curious as to what you prefer.



Why do you like one over the other and if you like them both, why?



  1. I like facebook because I’m longwinded and twitter is hard for me.


  2. I use both to send out links to new blog entries and info tidbit. Twitter has done a lot more for me in networking than Facebook.


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