Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | May 23, 2012

Walking Everyday

Sooooo, some of you might remember when I started walking a couple of years ago – no, I don’t mean walking for the fun of it…lol…I mean, walking to get healthy!!  I worked my way up to 6 miles a day and then had to back off for a bit.  Well, recently, I was taking a drug (Lipitor) and walking was just NOT on my happy list of things to do.  It made me very tired (all of the time) and I hurt all over but mainly in my thigh muscles (all of the time).  I wasted two months before I broke down and went to see my doctor and by the time I did, I was so tired from lack of sleeping and so sore, I was just begging her for something, anything, to get me back to normal.

I’ve been off Lipitor for about two weeks now and even though I’m still tired and still sore, I have actually made it back up to 5 miles/day and I am starting to work on my upper body again.  I know, I know, take it slow!!  I am.  I am just so excited to be able to walk again and not be in tears before I’m even half way done!!  And I’m excited that I’m not ready to go to bed at 5pm – maybe 7pm or 8pm…lol

So here I am, back to working my way up to 6 miles/day.  I’ve done it before when I was feeling way better but, I am going to do it again.  I know I can.  Sides, it’s only one more mile!!  …lol…



  1. I stopped taking Lipitor a few days ago. It might be the cause of chronic “non-specific” pain. I’ve read a lot about inflammatory meds like Lipitor and am now looking for natural alternatives without the side effects.


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