Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | May 16, 2012

What Writing Books are on Your Shelf?

The other day I was walking with a friend (Hi Allyson!!) and we were discussing the various writing books that we have now, that we have read in the past and the ones that we find/found to help us with our craft.  Now, I realize that depending on what genre you write in, the books will probably vary…but…out of curiosity, what writing books do you currently have on your shelf/shelves?

Are there any books that you would highly recommend for newbie writers?  Any books that you would swear by and couldn’t imagine life without it/them?

I just checked my own bookcase and I have, aside from the 2012 Writer’s Market collection and several erotica writing books, I have Error Free Writing, Dictionary of Word Origins, Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in 1800’s, Crime Reference Book, The Art and Craft of the Short Story, Handbook of Poetic Forms, The Elements of Style (often called the Strunk and White) and the Writer’s Legal Companion.

WHEW!!!!  I think I need more!!  lol  I see a trip to the book store in my very near future!!  lol


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