Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | April 30, 2012

A-Z: Zorro

The last letter!!  Woot Woot!! lol

Zorro – I’m actually referring to the 1998 movie; The Mask of Zorro, that starred Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones.  Zorro was a dashing, masked outlaw who defended the people against tyranny and villains.  Kinda reminds me of Robin Hood in a way.  Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, Zorro hid his true identity by acting like a fop or a dandy.  He also left a ‘Z’ as his calling card.

In The Mask of Zorro, the original Zorro, Don Diego de la Vega, had been captured and was imprisoned.  His mortal enemy,  Don Rafael Montero, comes back to California to get rich off the peasants.  Not a new story, right?  Well, twenty years go by and with the return of Montero, Don de la Vega escapes from prison and trains a replacement.

I LOVED the chemistry and banter between Banderas and Jones – they are awesome together!!


  1. Well done…and congrats for making it.


  2. What an eclectic group of movies you’ve put together for this challenge – I hope you had fun doing it! And now that I know you’re blogging, I’ll keep coming back. 🙂


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