Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | April 20, 2012

A-Z: Road House

ok ok…another ’80’s movie!!  BUT, it’s NOT a vampire movie!!  lol…oh no no…this one has Patrick Swayze again – yum!!!  Another one of my favs!!

Road House is about a tough “cooler”, Willie Dalton (Patrick Swayze) who is enticed by bar owner, Frank Tilghman (Kevin Tighe) to take over security at his bar, the Double Deuce.  Dalton leaves New York and goes to Missouri and discovers there’s more going on than he first thought.  The town seems to be under the thumb of wealthy business man, Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara).  While trying to clean up the bar, Dalton dismisses several corrupt people who are connected to Wesley.  After a particularly violent fight, Dalton ends up in the ER and meets the gorgeous and sexy, Dr. Elizabeth Clay (Kelly Lynch) which leads to a romantic relationship.  Unknown to Dalton, Dr. Clay is the ex-wife of Wesley.

After Dalton refuses to work for him, Wesley starts an assault on Dalton’s friends.  Including interfering with liquor deliveries at the Double Deuce.  While defending the delivery, Dalton gets unexpected help from his long time friend and mentor, Wade Garrett (Sam Elliott), who arrives in town after receiving a weird phone call from Dalton.

Wesley doesn’t stop with the Double Deuce.  He goes on to destroy several other businesses in town and after rescuing Emmett from the burning house, Dalton sees Jimmy, one of Wesley’s henchmen, fleeing the scene and intercepts him.  They have a brutal fight, ending with Dalton ripping Jimmy’s throat out.

The next morning Dalton receives a threatening phone call from Wesley who said Garrett or Dr. Clay would be killed.  Dalton is relieved when Garrett stumbles into the bar, badly beaten but alive.  Thinking that Elizabeth was the one who was going to die, Dalton speeds to the hospital and pleads with her to leave with him.  She refuses, totally repulsed by his savage nature.  Dalton returns to the bar without Elizabeth and finds Garrett sprawled out on the bar, a knife sticking from his chest.

Blinded with tears and rage, Dalton heads to Wesley’s house.  His car speeds towards the house, drawing gunfire from Wesley’s henchmen who discover the car empty after it crashes, the knife used to kill Garrett stuck in the pedal.  Dalton plows thru Wesley’s henchmen, finally coming face to face with Wesley himself.  Dalton prepares to rip his throat out, in the same brutal manner as Jimmy but changes his mind.  When Dalton releases him, Wesley reaches for a gun but is shot and killed by the owners of the businesses that he destroyed.



  1. roadhouse was brilliant. Swayze was nails and some cracking fights.


  2. LOL – I’ve seen that movie a few times. Love Patrick Swayze. 🙂


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