Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | April 17, 2012

A-Z: Once Bitten

Ahhh yes, another 80’s movie…lol…

Once Bitten is another vampire movie.  A little different from the usual ones we see because this one is about a vampire Countess (Lauren Hutton) who needs the blood of a virgin to keep her beauty.  Yep, I said virgin.  Only problem, she can’t find one…until Mark Kendall (Jim Carrey) pops up on the scene.  The Countess has to bite him three times before Halloween, which is only a week away.

Mark really wants to have sex but his girlfriend, Robin Pearce (Karen Hopkins) keeps putting him off.  Frustrated, he goes into a singles bar with his best friends, Jamie and Russ, and is seduced by the Countess who takes him home with her.  He passes out after she bites him on the thigh and when he wakes up, she tells him they had sex and he belongs to her.  Over the next couple of days, Mark starts acting weird.  The Countess is able to get another bite which causes Mark to act even more strangely, causing Robin to become curious.  She finds out about the Countess, confronts her, trying to win Mark back.

Annoyed, the Countess kidnaps Robin to lure Mark to her mansion for the final bite.  It’s up to Robin, Jamie and Russ to save Mark from the Countess.  In a desperate attempt to save him, Robin and Mark have sex in a coffin while the Countess and her minions are searching for them.  Since Mark is lost to her (no longer a virgin), the Countess starts to grow old and loses her beauty.




  1. Haha, this movie sounds like it may fall into the ‘so bad it’s good’ category. Which means I will simply have to check it out 🙂


  2. This is probably the only Jim Carrey movie I haven’t seen.


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