Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | April 16, 2012

Jeans? Shorts? Capris?

So, I was standing in front of my closet, trying to figure out what to wear.  It’s been rather warm lately – 80’s actually – too warm for jeans and sweats!!  I glanced over the various shorts and skirts and capris hanging up and finally settled on a worn, comfy pair of jeans capris.  It got me to thinking though.  Outside of work, I pretty much live in jeans.  I have such a hard time finding shorts that fit just right in all areas – know what I mean?  I normally don’t wear shorts while exercising, cause, well, they don’t stay put!!  I like capris for exercising cause they stay put and are much cooler than long jeans, however, I don’t like farmer tans!!  ARGH!!

My dd lives in jeans year round.  She doesn’t like showing her legs so no shorts or skirts.  Even when we go camping!!  I don’t think she even brings a pair of shorts with her!!  I’m lucky she wears a bathing suit!!  lol

My hubby is the exact same way!!  Well, not really – he does pack shorts when we go camping!!  lol…but for the most part, he’s a jeans kinda guy.  He wears only jeans shorts – no camo or khaki or tropical flowers for him!!  Nope.

So, what about you?



  1. I am from a jeans/pants all year round kinda place. Chiggers, snakes, poison everything, and just general ruggedness required it. That and it is SO hot that it’s actually cooler to wear long sleeves and pants in the summer to keep the moisture in. Back home, a ten day forecast over 100 degrees is a regular occurrence. A dozen or so days each summer over 110 is normal. It’s interesting to see Virginia hit ninety, then folks in shorts and tanks start dropping left and right. I’m always inundated by people “aren’t you hot?” I tell them, “I might be sweating, but that’s cooling me more than you not sweating at all in your summer outfit.”


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