Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | April 12, 2012

Last Day for Sewing Class!!

Woot Woot!!  Oh yeah!!  I’m done with it!!  I cannot believe a whole month has flown by and I went to all five sewing classes…lol…again, it wasn’t quite as hellish as I thought it was going to be.  I tend to make things harder for myself than they should be, but, don’t we all do that?

So, I’ve learned that I really need to sloooooow down and take my time.  It’s very hard for me to do that, but, I’m trying!!  I also learned that I can make a wearable outfit…lol…and, believe it or not, I actually enjoy sewing and making things!!  Probably a good thing I didn’t know how to sew when I was a kid cause my Barbies woulda had some awesome outfits!!  lol

Oh and no, we didn’t get cupcakes or trophies or certificates, but, I did get to go out and enjoy lunch with my dd  🙂  who did buy me a chocolate chip cookie!!  lol  …hmmm…now to upgrade my current old sewing machine to a new one…oh honey!!!!  …lol…

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