Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | April 9, 2012

A-Z: Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is one of my favorite Halloween movies.  It’s about three dead sister witches, Winnifred ‘Winnie’ Sanderson (Bette Midler), Sarah Sanderson (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mary Sanderson (Kathy Najimy).  The only way they can come back to life is if a virgin lights the Black Flame candle.  Guess what?  Yep, a virgin lights the candle and all hell is about to break loose when three vengeful witches come back from the dead.

300 years after the sisters were hanged, Halloween hating Max (Omri Katz) is forced to take his younger sister, Dani (Thora Birch), who loves Halloween, out trick-or-treating.  They come to Max’s classmate, Alison’s (Vinessa Shaw) house and for fun, they decide to go to the Sanderson’s house, a former museum.

There, jokingly, Max lights the Black Flame candle.  The house suddenly comes to life and they have seconds to hide before the front door opens and the sisters enter.  Mary is able to sniff out Dani but Max tricks the sisters, setting off the fire alarm sprinkler and they get away.

Binx, a black cat but really a human cursed with immortality, makes Max steals the spellbook and a chase ensues.  The witches put a spell on the adults of Salem, causing them to dance until they died.  With their parents under the spell, Max, Alison and Dani are the only ones able to save Salem.  With dawn approaching, Winnie tries to force Dani to drink the life stealing potion, but Binx knocks it from her hand.  Max drinks the potion, forcing Winnie to drain his life force instead.

It’s too late for the witches, the sun is up and after dramatic good-bye’s, they explode.  Max, Dani and Alison celebrate because the witches are dead and Salem is safe.  They watch as Binx is transformed back into his human self and is reunited with his sister in the afterlife.



  1. I know I have seen this but my memory is so bad. I think I need to rewatch it as it sounds great. Cool post.


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