Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | April 3, 2012

A-Z: Catwoman

Movies…so hard to pick just one!!  lol but, for today, I’m gonna do Catwoman even though I also had Coyote Ugly and Can’t Buy Me Love on my list…sigh…

Who doesn’t appreciate beauty?  and sexiness and sultry brunettes??  Well, I for one do.  Although, to me, Michelle Pfeiffer was a fantastic Catwoman, but, Halle Berry also made a very naughty kitty…lol…

In 2004, Halle Berry debuted her feline side as Patience Phillips aka Catwoman and starred with hunky Benjamin Bratt who plays Detective Tom Lone who falls in love with her and sexy Sharon Stone who plays, Laurel Hedare, yeah, a bad girl.

I have always had a hard time with Catwoman – is she good or bad?  When shy Patience drowns at the hands of bad guys, an Egyptian Mau cat brings her back to life.  Patience is ‘reborn’ with a desire for justice and catlike abilities that she finds out are both a blessing and a curse.  Wearing a mask to disguise her identity, Catwoman lives outside the law, walking a thin line between criminal and hero.

So, you decide – is Catwoman good or bad?



  1. I’m going with ‘Yes!’ She’s very good at being very bad 😀


  2. Another movie I haven’t seen, but may check it out!


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