Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | March 26, 2012

Yep, it’s Monday!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Monday how I hate thee!!!!!  lol  Seriously, Monday’s just totally stink.  This morning wasn’t too bad…it was after lunch that my day turned sour.  Why you ask?  Well, thanks for asking!!  It turned sour because I had to spend 2 hours on the phone with Dell tech support for my dd’s computer.  For some reason, over the weekend it decided it didn’t like it’s power adapter and so therefore would not charge.  Oh yes, my computer guru hubby checked it out and decided that yours truly should contact Dell about the problem since it was still under warranty.

Okie dokie right??  I call Dell and no, I did not get an English-speaking person.  Whatever.  I did get hung up on though!!  No, not once…TWICE!!  I called Dell at least 4 times today – even tried the online chat support but got told I had to call support, they couldn’t help me.

Well, let’s just say by the 4th phone call my annoyance level was at a 10!!  But, I was very nice and calm – you woulda been proud of me!!  I answered all of the tech’s questions and let him think he knew what he was doing and I was the helpless Mom – ha…snort…choke on water here…little did he know I have my own personal computer guru at home!!

However, as fate would have it, the laptop decided it liked its current power adapter after all and so when the tech remote accessed in, yep, he said he saw nothing wrong with the laptop but would be most happy to call me tomorrow and check in.




  1. We had problems with Dell too – I had more success with emailing that we got on the phone but we still talked with them on the phone – a lot over a two week period. Finally, my husband tilted the computer with a disk spinning so it made that awful noise they do and told them he smelt smoke. With that they decided it was better to send a technician.


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