Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | March 25, 2012

Sewing Patterns!!

I have several now!!  Oh yes!!  My hubby made the mistake of taking me back to the fabric store and we sat down in front of the many file cabinets that housed tons and tons of patterns!!  Oh my!!  We proceeded to look thru the books that were scattered on the table and found several workable designs that we both liked and we ended up with 5 patterns.  Not too bad for me, I found several more that I liked but I used great discipline and walked away with just those 5…for now anyways…lol…

I was looking for a summer dress pattern – something that looked simple to make and hopefully would look good once I finished it!!  I found several patterns from Simplicity and two from Kwik Sew.  There are so many fun looking patterns!!  It’s hard to choose just one or two!!  We made sure to get several packages of interfacing as well so we can utilize the patterns more than just a couple of times.

I think my passion for material is just like my passion for paper and pens…lol…I would probably be a hoarder of paper and pens and material if I had more room…lol…I love to collect all three and really hate to use any of them!!  …lol…



  1. Keep an eye out – many time patterns go on great sales and you can often find unused patterns at thrift stores.


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