Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | March 10, 2012

Signs of Spring…

Ahhhhh yes, the familiar signs of Spring greeted me today.  I saw several bright kites in the sky today as I drove past the local park.  Heard the giggles and laughter of children playing in the distance.  Drove past a mother duck who was being followed by four baby ducks.  Drove past the local YMCA and saw ‘Register now for Spring soccer’ on their sign.

I dunno…it’s crazy…I cannot stand Winter (too cold) or Summer (too hot) but Spring is juuuuust right…lol…well, Fall is ok too…lol…I love the longer evenings in the Spring (and Summer).  The short evenings just kill me – especially when I have to drive home from work in the dark – ick!!  Depressing!!  But…ohhhhhhh…being able to enjoy the evenings outside and the smell of bbq’s are soooooooooooooo  intoxicating!!

Yep, signs of Spring greeted me today and I welcomed them with a smile.  I cannot wait for Spring to finally arrive and stay longer than ONE day!!!  hmmmmm…do ya believe I love Spring NOW?!?!  lol


  1. Fall is my favorite, but there is a beauty and magic in all the regrowing of spring. Then summer brings blackberries and swimming. Hmmm, the only season I really don’t like is winter. Fresh snow is beautiful, but the accompanying cold cancels that out. 🙂


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