Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | March 6, 2012

Harness the Energy!!

Well, I’d like to harness the energy!!  Actually, I’d like to bottle it up and use it every day.  Today I decided to enjoy a Red Bull – sugar-free – and ohhhhhhhh boy did I get a little extra spark!!  It was great because I felt like I was dragging and it helped me stay focused and on track.

I love the extra boost of energy but it is also frustrating cause it’s not like I don’t get enough sleep – I mean, isn’t 8-9 hours enough!?!?  My body seems to think it isn’t and lemme tell you, after dinner time I am usually looking for my blanket and pillow but tonight, I am still up and hey!!  It’s only 10pm!!  lol

Imagine what I could do if I had an endless supply of energy!!  Wow…I think I’d be like the energizer bunny – or at the very least, living up to my nickname (Tigger for those who don’t know me…lol) and be very very bouncy indeed!!


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