Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | March 2, 2012

It’s FETCH Time!!

Only, I don’t have a dog.  Nope, my kitty (actually, he’s my dd’s cat!!) Onyx LOVES to play fetch with his toys.  He stopped playing when we got Shadow but recently got back into it.  I usually sit on the couch and he will jump up beside me with his toy and drop it – usually in my hand.  I toss it somewhere in the room and he’s off, jumping off the couch and after a couple of minutes, comes trotting back with it in his mouth like he’s caught a prize.  I of course, give him all kinds of lovings and praises and toss it again.  And the game time begins!!  We play until he’s tired of it and stops bringing me the toy…lol…

Every so often he gets a ‘tude and after he gets the toy he runs off into another room for a bit.  But after a while he comes back with the toy and expects the games to continue.  Then there are those times when he drops said toy at my feet or on the floor not really close to me and just stares at me, expecting me to ‘fetch’ his toy for him and toss it again.

I love love love playing fetch with Onyx.  Shadow will every so often come up and snag the toy from him and run off with it.  So, after a couple of times of that, Onyx will run away with the toy if Shadow comes near him while he’s playing…lol…I don’t think she wants to play fetch – I think she’s just being a kitten and wants to play…period…lol

Uh oh…he’s brought me the toy – I know what that means!!  It’s Fetch Time!!  lol



  1. Our cat does that and it’s fun playtime. I like that they engage like that which is good for bonding time with the cat (especially for my son who really thinks the cat is a dog).


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