Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | March 1, 2012

Sweet 17…Almost Legal…

WOW!!!!  I cannot believe that today, 17 years ago, my favorite kitty decided today was a good day to be born.  Happy 17th Birthday to my daughter, Cat  🙂  aka favorite kitty!!  lol 

It’s kinda scary in a way.  This is the last year she will be considered a ‘child’ – next year she will be 18 and considered legal – but, she will always be MY child even when she’s 40 and has her own kids…lol…  I was teasing her yesterday saying that I love birthdays (not too sure about this one coming up!!) – it’s a day that’s all about YOU and you get treated like a princess – she snickered and I said ‘yeah I know, you’re not a princess – I just gotta find another word for you that means gothic princess’ – she said laughing I might add! ‘I’m a demon’  – I laughed and said ‘nooooooooooooo you’re NOT a demon – well, yeah, you are sometimes, lol but, you are my gothic princess!!’  and then we went on to talk about other stuff.

The world is changing so much.  Back when I was her age (no snickering!!) we weren’t thinking of recycling or global warming.  We rode our bikes all over the place and played outside til the sun was a distant reminder.  Nowadays, the kids are too scared to ride their bikes and no way would I let my dd walk home from school.  Back then I can remember neighbors lounging outside just talking the day away, now I look down my street and I don’t see anyone outside – they are all inside, shades drawn, doors shut.  Oh and don’t even get me started on the pants hanging down past butts!!  WOW!!  I still don’t get that, but again, I never saw that growing up – I really don’t care what generation we are in, that’s just plain stupid looking!!  Pull your pants up!!  Go buy a belt!!

Sorry, got off track there…lol…anyways, today is a gorgeous day outside, 80*, sunny, nice breeze and oh yes, my windows are open!!  YAY!!  What a b-e-a-u-tiful day for a birthday  🙂 

So, Happy 17th Birthday to my wonderful daughter, and cheers to many more wonderful birthdays  🙂


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