Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | February 25, 2012

Disney Movies…

So tonight I’ve been sitting here watching Disney movies with the family.  Bambi and The Lion King were on and I haven’t seen them in like forever!!  Made me remember the days I watched them with my daughter when she was just a wee tot and now she’s almost 17!!

After The Lion King is Aladdin!!  Whoohoo!!  I LOVE the genie!!  lol  Yeah, I’m still and always will be a kid at heart  🙂  I’ve always loved the Disney movies.  They bring back warm fuzzy memories of  hours spent on the couch with my dd watching her face light up at the crazy antics. 

So even though I watched these movies way back when, I am watching them all over again and making new memories with my family – isn’t that what life is all about??


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