Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | February 23, 2012

Katsucon 18

Ok, so, I have to admit I was never big on going to cons or anything of that nature.  Last fall my teen daughter mentioned NekoCon in passing and so I googled it and mentioned it to dh and then yeah, we forgot about it.  Til the con weekend was upon us!!  I figured dh would take her and she could get some inspiration for her drawing.  Then I decided oh heck, I’ll go too, it would be a great family outing.  HA!!  Little did I know that weekend would plant a seed and we’d become anime con lovers…lol…let’s just say that when we went to register for NekoCon I was going to get just a day pass – dh suggested a weekend pass and well, since he was paying for it, I wasn’t going to argue…lol…and truth be told, that was the best decision ever!!  I have to be brutally honest here, I really had no idea what to expect with the con.  I really did not expect adults to be dressed up but, oh yes, they were!!

So, we had NekoCon and Anime USA under our belts so we went to Katsucon feeling like we belonged and we knew what we were doing – HA!!  As I said in my previous post, we drove up on Thursday and went thru the pre-registration and hotel check in, had dinner and walked around.  There were a few  people in costumes but we knew the fun was only hours away.  And we were so right!!

Friday morning I think I was the most excited of us all because I was basically hauling butt downstairs and as soon as I stepped off the elevator I felt like I was transported into a different world.  I really felt like a kid in a candy store and wished that my head could turn around in a circle so I wouldn’t miss anything.  Now, let me clear up something, these cons are NOT just for kids.  I saw a handful of kids below 10 and there were a fair amount of teens and oh yes, the young 20 somethings showed up in numbers, and hey, let’s not forget the forever young 30 somethings…lol… However, there were quite a few older people and they were having as much fun as the youngsters. 

So, dd and I found this adorable cafe that had a breakfast buffet and we both felt out-of-place because neither of us had a costume on but we were surrounded by costumes!!  What a treat it was to eat breakfast and have a parade of awesome costumes to enjoy.  Saturday and Sunday mornings were exactly like Friday…lol…

Friday we decided to hit the vendor’s room first and that’s where we spent the next hour or so.  You have to realize that these cons are filled with all kinds of panels that you can attend every day and they run til the wee hours of the morning.  The only thing we had on our schedule was the Opening Ceremonies but that wasn’t til 4pm so we had the whole afternoon to goof off.  Which, oh yes, we did!!  The opening ceremonies wasn’t as much fun as the Anime USA – the room was nearly empty.  The next thing on our radar was the Masquerade Ball.  And yes, I did make dd wear a dress and 1″ heels…lol…

The weekend was pretty much the same routine – ooh and ahhh over the many costumes and snap tons of pictures and yes, I did go pet the furry costumes…lol…I saw several Princesses – Beauty, Cinderella and Ariel come to mind…then let’s not forget the awesome Joker, several fairies, The Dr and the Tardis oh and TOOTHLESS!!  loved it!!  and I did see two Weeping Angels…lol…and yes, many anime characters – too many that I didn’t know who they were but I still enjoyed them.   We found several seats that we occupied for hours, just people watching.  I just cannot say enough about how nice everyone was.  Oh, of course you have all types of personalities, some more high-strung than others…lol…but, I am always amazed when the person is totally immersed in the role – the way they act, talk, etc…totally in the character at all times.  LOVE IT!!

Come Sunday morning there weren’t very many costumes out and about.  Tons of people were heading out and after we packed up the car, we did a final round of the rooms and sadly, we too were leaving the wonderful anime world.  As we left, we passed several people crying.  It struck me that a lot of these people LIVE for the cons…they LIVE for dressing up…they LIVE for the weekends away from reality…and for once, I actually got it.




  1. For a lot of people, anime is life.


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