Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | February 13, 2012

My Kitties…

I have 4 cats.  Well, two are actually my dd’s but the littlest one, Shadow, tends to sleep with me and curl up on my lap so, I guess, in reality, I have three…lol…So, aside from Shadow, I have Tazmanian Devil (aka Tazzie Baby), Roli Poli and Onyx.

Tazzie is a grumpy old man…Roli is a young adult…Onyx is a temperamental teen and Shadow is just a baby  🙂

Anyways, I can get lost for hours watching the kitties play.  I love how they rumble and tumble together.  None of them hiss at each other or draw blood – they do smack each other, but, no blood is drawn…lol…

The other day, I was letting Tazzie outside and I had to go get something from a different room.  When I went outside, I saw Onyx – and yes I freaked out.  I did a double take because Onyx never goes outside and when I said his name, he bolted.

I ran back inside, yelling for my hubby, and called Onyx’s name, just incase he was inside and the cat I saw was just a look-alike – I even shook the treat bottle…but no Onyx.  We go running outside but by then I had no idea where Onyx had gone.  I looked around my neighbor’s yards but did not see a tiger looking kitty anywhere.  I turned to look back at the house and inside the door I saw a white spot – I looked again and guess what??!  It was Onyx!!  I ran back inside and after I caught him (cause, yes, he ran away!!) I proceeded to give him all kinds of lovings.  I could not imagine having to tell my dd that her kitty had gotten outside and I couldn’t find him.

Of course, it would have been kinda funny to bring the wrong cat in the house and have Onyx see his twin…lol…


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