Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | February 12, 2012

C.A.A. – Cat Addicts Anony-mouse…

Soooooo one of my FAVORITE ‘likes’ on Facebook is C.A.A. – Cat Addicts Anony-mouse.  They always have the BEST cat pics ever!!  The pics never fail to make me smile – some even make me ‘awwwwwww’ and oh yes, even some I just gotta share with everyone!!  And some have me shaking my head going ‘uh huh, my cats do that too!!’

See what I mean??  U gotta check them out!!  🙂



  1. I love CAA – I repost their pictures far more than I should. My page no longer looks professional at all with all the cat pictures but they make me smile so I don’t care.


  2. […] C.A.A. – Cat Addicts Anony-mouse… ( […]


  3. I love cats too!!!!!!


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