Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | February 8, 2012


Ohhhhhhh what a rush!!! Nothing beats winning an auction and getting the treasure you found and have been thinking about forever (coveting).  I know you are shaking your head in agreement.  There are times when the win is just too easy but the times when the win is within grasp and it’s down to the last 5 minutes…you are telling yourself it’s ok if you don’t win…4 minutes…you start pacing…3 minutes…you are running your hands thru your hair …2 minutes…you are feeling hot and cold at the same time…1 minute…you are peering thru your fingers at the countdown clock. 

When it says ‘Congratulations, you are the winner’ a HUGE sigh of relief and you start cheering…and dancing – oh yes, I am fond of the snoopy dance…lol…and just to be on the safe side, you check your email to make sure that someone didn’t sneak in a winning bid with 5 seconds to go and steal your treasure.

But the real treasure, is the smile or squeal on the recipients face.  I tend to not get over excited about things I buy myself but if it’s for my hubby or daughter and I really really wanted to get it and I won!! then oh yes, the adrenalin rush is mighty tasting afterwards…lol…

Oh how hard it is to keep the secret!!!  lol


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