Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | February 6, 2012


So this morning I was out walking, enjoying the sunny day even though it had a slight chill.  I glanced up for some reason and guess what I saw?!!?  A RAINBOW!!!!  Ohhhh I love rainbows!!  This one was so very unusual though.  I mean, it went around the sun almost in a perfect circle and had all the colors of the rainbow but it wasn’t a traditional rainbow.  I don’t care, anyway I looked at it, it looked like a rainbow!!

I have a passion for rainbows – I guess it started several years ago.  Although, I’ve always loved rainbows – who doesn’t??  But, my love for rainbows kinda grew because of my sister.  The day she was buried it was cloudy and rained off and on – not during the service though.  Anyways, after her service I happened to glance up at the sky and there was a gorgeous rainbow.  It made me smile because I had been so caught up in how much I was missing her and what was I going to do without her and how much I wished she had been there.  I took it as a sign from her that she was there with me.

So every time I see a rainbow I think it’s her way of peeking down at me and if I am lucky to catch it, it always makes me smile.  Just like today.  Oh I know it wasn’t an honest to goodness rainbow…but, it made me think of her and made me smile, so…it worked just the same.



  1. I love rainbows too. They make me think of my dad and all the possibilities waiting for me.


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