Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | February 4, 2012

Do you…

have favorite movies that you watch over and over and know the words and while watching said movies you repeat the lines with the characters? 

hmmmmm…I do I do!!  And boy does my dd hate it!!  lol  It’s rather humorous when she groans and rolls her eyes as I say almost line for line in the movies…lol…but it’s not just any movie.  no no, it’s the select few movies that I know and love (Labyrinth comes to mind) and watch only when the family is off doing something else. 

Tonight however, dd got stuck watching a one of my favs while eating pizza and oh yes, I tormented her by repeating the lines…lol…hey, I never said I grew up!!  ha ha and guess what!?!  My hubby just walked in and guess what?!?  Yep, he’s getting an earful as well…lol…

Do you this as well??  C’mon, admit it!!  lol


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