Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | February 2, 2012


Today I was going thru one of my email boxes and came across a thread about what you listen/watch while in the house.  Like, on the weekends.  This particular person is a writer and an artist and stated that she does not listen to music or watch tv when she is home alone.  In fact, there were many days where she stayed in the house and had no contact with anyone else – she does have cats…do they count??

I was thinking about this.  I am kinda the same.  I can go all day without the tv on – sometimes I give up trying to find something to watch – and there are times when I am content to have just the radio on or no noise at all.  Like right now.  There is nothing on in the house and the silence is…nice.  I love the sound of the cats purring and the birds chirping outside the house.  I love when the wind blows and sends my wind chimes into music.  And as for contact with other people – I go many days without face to face contact until my daughter gets home from school in the afternoon and I’ll be honest, sometimes I’m going crazy and feel like the 4 walls are closing in!!  However, I am never social media free all day.  So, I do in fact have media contact with my friends/family – who doesn’t?

My hubby HAS to have to the tv (movie) on when he is in the tv room or he’s blasting his ear drums out in the garage (hi honey!!)  – my daughter is the same in that she has to have the tv on whether she’s doing homework or drawing and trust me, the phone with the endless texting is never too far from her…lol

So, how about you?



  1. Lately it’s nice just to watch tv but usually I’m a music person. If I don’t have something playing, I start singing which makes me think of songs I want to hear. On rare occasions I like the silence but I prefer going outside and having quiet time than in the house. To me, it makes the house feel creepy.


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