Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | February 1, 2012

Today is b-e-a-utiful!!

What a gorgeous day!!  It’s 70 degrees outside and sunny with a slight breeze.  Beautiful spring day!!  Only, it’s not spring!!  lol  It’s still winter!!  And it has seriously peaked my need for the windows to be open and the fresh breeze coming in.  I hate winter and the blues it brings with it.  I am such a spring baby.

It’s something about having the windows open and the fresh air coming in the house.  Blowing the winter ick away and leaving a clean fresh smell in the air.  Spring means newness and freshness.  Baby birds, baby ducks and new blossoms to enjoy on my daily walks.  Oh and that’s another thing!!  No freezing weather while walking!!  Talk about a serious con to exercise!!  Cold weather stinks!!  I’ll take a nice 70 degree day over 50 degrees any day!! 

Ok so time to get off the computer and go outside and enjoy the day!!  Cause tomorrow I think it’s supposed to rain!!


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