Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 27, 2012

Day 27: National Chocolate Cake Day!!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh like I needed to hear those words!!!  National Chocolate Cake Day.  Ohhhh my oh my oh my!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate cake.  Chocolate cake, chocolate icing…mmmmmm….finger lickin good!!  And please, don’t try to pass off chocolate coffee cake or chocolate coke cake as true chocolate cakes cause they so AREN’T!!!!

No no, I am talking about honest to goodness rich chocolate cake – double layered!! with rich, decadent, creamy chocolate icing – lots of please!!  Ya know, the kind of cake that DEMANDS milk beside it!!??  The kind of cake that leaves you licking your fork to get every little bit of icing off.  mmmm…the kind of cake, that, if you’re home alone and there is icing left on the plate you, well, yes, you lick it all off!!!!

There is just something about chocolate cake.  I’m not fond of vanilla cake or red velvet – no no, I am a straight up true and honest chocolate cake lover.  The more icing it has dripping over the sides, the better!!  I can remember when other kids would get fancy cakes for their birthdays, I always wanted a simple plain chocolate cake – with chocolate icing.  Nope, I never outgrew it…lol…and yes, I am the one that will lick the mixing bowl and the spoon and the icing container clean – no wasting of chocolate cake mix or icing allowed!!  and no, I don’t share the bowl or spoon – just ask my daughter!! …lol…

So, enjoy a slice of yummy chocolate cake tonight!!  After all, it is National Chocolate Cake Day – what better day or reason?!?!


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