Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 20, 2012

Day 20: TGIF!!

YES!!!  Today is FRIDAY!!  Join with me now, FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY!!!

As we all know, I LOVE FRIDAYS!!  Today was a good day.  Very busy, but good nonetheless  🙂

After getting up WAY to EARLY this morning, hubby and I went to dd’s hot dog fundraiser at school – yes, we had hot dogs for breakfast…ha ha…reminded me of when I was in school and lived off of Mt Dew and hot fries!!  Remember those!?!?!?  Oh wow…I couldn’t imagine eating those first thing in the morning now!!!   eeeeek!!

Anyways, I got TONS of writing stuff done this afternoon and I am extremely proud of myself.  I did more than just watch Days of Our Lives…lol…see, I CAN multi-task…lol…now let’s just see if I can keep this writing up for longer than a day!! 

I have decided that I am going to learn something new.  I have no idea what – it could be Dreamweaver, or Illustrator…or perhaps even sewing!!  Seeing as how I need a costume made for Dragon*Con which yes, is in September but still, I need to get cracking on it or I won’t have a costume!!  hhmmm…I could always learn how to play chess – I LOVE the glass chess pieces!!!  Sooooo pretty!!  Yes, I want a chess set only for the glass pieces.  So???  Who cares?!!?  I want what I want…


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