Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 19, 2012

Day 19: Season Pass Manager

 I decided to clean up our TIVO – we had a lot of shows that were no longer on the air!!!

We currently have 32 shows that we love and enjoy:

1.  Warehouse
2.  Doctor Who
3.  Burn Notice
4.  Eureka
5.  House
6.  Covert Affairs
7.  Royal Pains
8.  NCIS
9.  SuperNatural  (I try to play this during dinner just to annoy my daughter…lol)
10.  Days of Our Lives (yes, this is mine!!)
11.  Bones
12.  Vampire Diaries (mine and daughter’s)
13.  Sanctuary
14.  Merlin
15.  Being Human
16.  White Collar
17.  Secret Life of the American teenager (mine and daughter’s!!)
18.  9 Lives of Chloe King (mine and daughter’s!!)
19.  Switched at Birth (mine and daughter’s!!)
20.  Teen Wolf (daughter’s!!)
21.  In Plain Sight
22.  Glee
23.  Alphas
24.  Revenge
25.  Parenthood (mine and daughter’s)
26.  Secret Circle
27.  Terra Nova
28.  Ringer
29.  Once Upon a Time
30.  Grimm
31.  Lost Girl
32.  Pretty Little Liars

No no, that’s not all we watch, but, that’s what’s set to record…lol…we do watch tons of other shows and movies (happy Cat?  lol)

So, what’s on your TIVO??


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