Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 17, 2012

Day 17: 1st Mammogram…

Soooo, I did it.  I finally had my first mammogram (my daughter says it sounds like mommogram…lol).  And no, I didn’t puke on the machine…lol…I have to admit, that’s the one test that truly scared me.  I know many people who have had the exam and I heard them all say ‘oh it wasn’t bad…it didn’t hurt’.  Well, all I can say is, good for them!!

I am naturally a person that dislikes doctors – dentists are included!!  Probably because I know they are gonna cause some kind of pain whether it’s in my teeth or my wallet!!  I’ve had several machine tests done before.  None of them scared the crap out of me like the mammogram.

And let me tell you, it’s very personal!!  The technician is very hands on so if you are ticklish or hate to be touched, there will be a problem!!  I was very lucky in that, the technician I had today talked.  She kept my mind occupied with conversation so the exam didn’t seem to last very long.  And she was up front with telling me exactly what she was going to do.  So there were no surprises – although, I was rather surprised that the machine did let go like she promised  🙂  She was very sweet and kept asking me if I was ok – cause I seemed kinda pale and well, my hands were shaking.  Well, yeah, I was kinda SCARED!?!?!  lol

Ok ok so it wasn’t ‘that bad’ but ummm, yeah, it did kinda hurt.  I mean, ta ta’s (insert whatever word you prefer) aren’t meant to be smushed like that!!  Flat like a pancake!!  OWWWWEEEEE!!  And I bruise easily so I was fully expecting black and blue matching bruises but so far, nada – course, I could wake up in the morning and have beautiful colors all over my ta ta’s.  hmmmmm…

So, with all this said and done, I don’t expect every one to rush right out and get a mammogram done.  Lord knows it’s taken me this long to have my first one – and what’s crazy, is that I have heard soooo many women say they waited until they were 40 to get their first one!!  So, it really isn’t that uncommon, but, I do have to wonder at our logic – or lack of – in waiting so long.

All I’m gonna say is, yes, it was VERY uncomfortable.  Would I do it again?  yes, only cause I have to  🙂  Would I recommend it?  yes, only cause I have to  🙂  Ladies, take care of your ta ta’s!!!


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