Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 14, 2012

Day 14: Saturday!!

YAY!!  It’s Saturday!!!  I love Saturdays!!  I had absolutely nothing planned for today – other than relaxing and chilling.  I finally got sleep last night so I awoke feeling…more like myself.  9am is rather late for me to snuggle under the blankets but it felt so good!!  To just lay still with a kitty purring next to me.  Nothing beats that  🙂

Unfortunately, because of my laziness, a headache forced me out of the bed and thus started my day.  Today was gorgeous!!  Sunny skies and fluffy white clouds greeted me when I opened the door.  The chilly air definitely demanded a jacket before I stepped outside!!  Cracks me up to see people in shorts in this weather!!  Well, rather them than me!!

After a rather slow morning, my muse decided to tickle me.  I have always been a writer that dabbled in various genres.  Today was no different.  A lot of writers that dabble in various genres have pen names – I am no different.  Only, I didn’t have an official one – really – until today that is!!  

Today I proceeded to invent myself all over again and I felt like I had accomplished something great.  Now to work on my writing and websites and stop doing the ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’!!  Today is the beginning of a fresh start for me and I am not one to waste a fresh start or opportunity!!  So, I say, onward to bigger and better things!!


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