Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 11, 2012

Day 11: Great Gift Idea!!

Sooooo today I went to lunch with a fellow co-worker (waving) and she has the cutest niece – reminds me of my daughter when she was five 🙂 only this little 5-year-old is a total diva…lol…so anyways…we were talking about her upcoming birthday and what my co-worker was planning to give her.

No, it wasn’t an electronic gizmo or diva-appropriate doo da.  It was a year paid to whatever activity she chooses.  What a fantastic idea!!  My Mom has gotten my daughter bonds since day one for her birthday or Christmas which is also a great idea – even though the recipient doesn’t always go crazy over receiving a paper present…lol.

Now before you argue costs/time for parents, my co-worker checked with her sister (the Mom) and presented her offer before actually paying for the classes/lessons.  Which is a great idea because who knows what the little diva wants to try?  Maybe more than one activity interests her.  Either way, whatever she chooses I’m sure will be a ton of fun for her and for her proud Aunt  🙂

I firmly believe in kids participating in some activity.  I know my daughter was active in dance and soccer up until her middle school years and right now she’s in the design club.  I think the activities help keep them out of trouble and helps them build social skills…and maybe helps an introvert come outside their shell  🙂


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