Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 10, 2012

Day 10: Analyze Movies?

So I’m sitting here watching a movie with my daughter.  And I have started to notice little things in movies that I never noticed before.  Or rather, things that I never took a second look at.  I’m not sure if this would be considered analyzing or…nit picking?  But do you watch a movie or tv show for that matter and notice things that are ‘off’?  Like, in one scene, this character is holding a cat in one position but when the camera comes back to him a couple of seconds later, he’s holding the cat a totally different way.

Or in one scene the girl is dressed a certain way, but, in the next scene she’s dressed in a different outfit?  I just wonder if anyone is paying attention to these things before the movies are finished or the tv shows are shown.  It’s all rather funny and interesting at the same time.  I think I watched a show one time where one of the characters was dressed in one outfit then for the next two episodes she was in something different and then finally she appeared in the original outfit. 

This is probably very petty in some ways, but, I do get a laugh out of finding those small mistakes  🙂  And no, I don’t watch movies and tv shows just to find the mistakes either.  But some of them do tend to stand out more as if to say ‘na na here I am!!’  …lol…  So anyways, now that I’ve driven my daughter crazy by stopping the movie and pointing out the mistakes, I guess I should just finish it in silence…lol…


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