Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 8, 2012

Day 8: Soda Stream Machine…

Happy Sunday!!!

Sooooo today was rather interesting.  I was talking to my sister-in-law and I saw that she liked Soda Stream and asked her about it.  My daughter had ohhh’d and ahhh’d over it back around Christmas and I had immediately thumbed my nose at it, saying we didn’t need it.  I really thought it was another one of those gimmicks we all see and hear about.  My sister-in-law gushed about how great it was and how much they loved theirs.  I jumped on google and after researching it took my newfound knowledge to my husband.  I offered my argument to him as he read.  We would save probably $60 a month (if not more!!) and that would add up to a little over $700 a year!!  True, the money does fluctuate over the year, but still!!  That’s a lot of money!!  And let’s not forget the high corn fructose syrup that is in regular sodas that everyone claims is bad for you – which I have been trying to get my daughter off of.  He liked my argument and soon we were heading for Bed Bath and Beyond to ‘look’ at the different machines.

Well, after a couple of minutes of looking at the differences and talking to several people who said they used the machine, we walked out with a new shiny red soda machine.  With it came a 12 pack of individual packets and two extra 1 litre bottles.  We got home and immediately set about trying the machine.  I personally like Coke Zero, my husband likes Mt Dew and my daughter loves Dr. Pepper.  Well, we made a bottle of Cola Zero, Dt Dr Pete (Dr. Pepper) and Fountain Mist (Mountain Dew).  My daughter did not like the Dt drink, but, seriously, what teenager does?  The Cola Zero and the Fountain Mist weren’t bad at all.  Although, we did find out that the water should be cold – not room temperature.  We also figured out that you can’t put the bottle with the soda mix and carbonation back in the machine – it does tend to make a mess…lol…

As of right now,  my husband and I are both quite pleased with the machine.  My daughter however, well, just remember she is a cranky teenager  🙂  Bottom line, be sure to carbonate the water as much as you prefer prior to putting the soda mix in – oh and tilt the bottle while pouring the soda mix in – the carbonation can be quite messy!!  And one more thing, after you shake the bottle to mix everything, wait a minute or two before opening the bottle!!



  1. I reviewed the book Homemade Soda and then was able to get a copy from my library – it has all sorts of soda syrups you can make from scratch including a Dr Pepper sort and a cola. That way you can control the exact ingredients. I haven’t played with making the syrups yet but I can pass recipes on to you if you like.


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