Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 7, 2012

Day 7!! Shinies!!

ha ha…you probably thought I wasn’t gonna make it today didn’t ya!?!?  ha ha…hmmm…me neither!!  …lol…  So much was going on thru my head today about different things I could write about but nothing seemed…right.  Does that make sense?  I was watching tv and my husband came in from a convention and I all I could see was a shiny, blinking light.  My husband has often said I am like a cat and easily distracted by ‘shinies’ (don’t get me started on our diving trips!!) and well, tonight was no different.  I squealed like a kid and went to investigate the treasure he had brought home.  And to my delight, there were several things that I claimed – amidst complaints from my daughter.  Hey, first person to the door is the winner right!!

The first delight my husband gave me was a blinky pin – I was showing my daughter and when my husband pulled a green blinking ball from his bag, I squealed and proceeded to throw it towards the ceiling where it promptly bounced off and of course my daughter tried claiming it as her own – to which I tossed the ball towards her and it bounced around the room, blinking a brilliant green, lighting the room as it shimmered.  Then he brought out my favorite – a PEN!!!  ohhhhhh my precious!!! (yes, I went there…lol)  it doesn’t blink, but, when you click on it, it glitters a pretty green color and it has a clear crystal in it that the light shines off and is very mesmerizing.  Let’s just say, I have a new pen for work  🙂   That is of course, if my daughter doesn’t steal it…lol…


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