Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 6, 2012

Day 6: TGIF!!

YES!!  It’s FRIDAY!!  I love FRIDAYS!!  And no, I don’t mean the restaurant, TGIFridays…lol  (although, I do enjoy the restaurant too!! lol) For me, Friday is the best day of the week.  Even though I do work on Fridays, it’s the fact that, at 5:00pm I get to go home and RELAX and not stress over the next day.  I don’t have to go to bed early; I can stay up late and then I get to sleep late!!   Fridays are the start to two days of bliss.  No schedule to keep, no appointments to keep – except those of my own choosing.  I can stay in my pajamas all day if I want!!

Honestly, 8am Friday starts the countdown to my freedom.  I get a taste of it at lunch but then I have 4 more hours to go!!  A lot of times I don’t have any plans at all for my weekends.  I tend to hibernate and do nothing.  I might get caught up in a marathon of my one of my favorite TV shows or according to my husband, worse, I catch up on a week of soap…of course I do the usual stuff, laundry, chores and errands, but, they are on my schedule. Oh and I love cat naps!!  Especially when one of our kittens is curled up with me and we both snooze the afternoon away  🙂

Even better are the Fridays that I am off from work!!  Few and far between, but, I can feel the stress drop away on Thursday evening.   To say I live for Fridays might not be right.  I love Saturday and Sunday but, it’s just something about Friday that gets my adrenaline going and my step seems a little lighter and my mood seems a little happier.  I don’t need a drug to get a high, I have Fridays  🙂

Sooooo…TGIF Baby!!!



  1. I so agree. Friday this week could not come fast enough. Enjoy your two days of bliss!


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